“Enormous Consequences For U.S.” If its Foreign Policies Change: Huffington Post

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Sarwar Kashmeri, a Senior Fellow-Atlantic Council, asked the U.S. to Pivot its Foreign Policy to Iran and added that: “Rapprochement of the U.S. Foreign Policy to Iran will have enormous consequences for the United States”

iran-usIn an article published in Huffington Post, the author says that the new order might mean an end to U.S. military presence in the Middle East and wrote: “There is one Muslim country in that region in which time spent by U.S. diplomacy can reap rich dividends: Iran. It is a country of 75 million people, of enormous geopolitical importance with borders that straddle countries that are of vital American national interest. It is a country that is destined to be a regional heavyweight and to serve as one of the region’s key balance wheels.”


“Iran’s new Foreign minister, Mohammad-Javad Zarif is a veteran diplomat and former Ambassador to the UN. He is a fluent English speaker with a PhD in international relations from the University of Denver. He, critically, has the support of the newly elected President Hassan Rouhani, who seems determined to break the nuclear deadlock with the West,” the author adds.

Kashmeri concluds that “It is time to pivot America’s Middle-East foreign policy from the futile quest of trying to influence the trajectory of Arab lands to Iran” and adds: “A rapprochement will have enormous consequences for the United States, the region and the world. Let’s pivot America’s Middle East foreign policy to Iran, now.”

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