Time to Pivot US Foreign Policy to Iran

It is time for the United States to stop spending its resources,
goodwill, and credibility in the futile quest of trying to influence the
trajectory of events in Egypt, Syria and the surrounding Arab states.
Leadership now requires that America recognize, no matter how much it
may wish it to be otherwise, that the Middle-East is in the midst of a
region-wide civil war that will re-cast the map drawn up some 80 years
ago by Britain and France to serve their colonial interests…

There is one Muslim country in that region in which time spent by U.S.
diplomacy can reap rich dividends: Iran. It is a country of 75 million
people, of enormous geopolitical importance with borders that straddle
countries that are of vital American national interest. It is a country
that is destined to be a regional heavyweight and to serve as one of the
region’s key balance wheels…

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