Opinion by Sarwar Kashmeri

China, Europe, and the World--through the eyes of the former Dutch Ambassador to China

POLARIS-LIVE Tuesday 24 November 2020. 0900-0930 EST (The Hague 1500; Beijing 2200)
With Ed Kronenburg, former Dutch Ambassador to China, in a live conversation with Sarwar Kashmeri, host, Polaris-Live

“One of Europe’s most distinguished diplomats offers his views on how China views itself, its place in the world, and the Ambassador’s personal thoughts on how the European Union should view China’s dramatic rise to a world superpower.”

Please go here to view this live interview with guest, Ed Kronenburg as he and Sarwar Kashmeri discuss China’s impact on Holland, the European Union, and the World

(The video will be available on the Polaris-Live playlist  You Tube channel after the live conversation.)

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