Sarwar A. Kashmeri
International Relations Specialist, Author, and Commentator.
Fellow, Foreign Policy Association.
China's Grand Strategy

Sarwar Kashmeri’s highly acclaimed new book, published in 2019. Purchase from your local bookstore or

Draws from personal research and interviews with prominent Asian and American scholars, businessmen, military officials, and political experts


The Business of America and China Is Business

Sarwar Kashmeri

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A China Agenda for President Biden
Sarwar A. Kashmeri

For “The Telegram,” a Foreign Policy Association Report, “Sarwar Kashmeri interviewed experts from around the world to present a compelling brief for recalibrating U.S.- China relations. His narrative draws upon expert views from across the political spectrum and from around the world. It could not be more timely ” -- Noel Lateef, President and CEO, FPA.

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“The old order changeth yielding place to new...Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.“

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Sarwar's opinions, conversations, and guest editorials

Polaris, the North Star has been used for centuries by sailors to find one’s location within the cosmos and to chart a passage to safe harbor. I’d like to think that my iteration of Polaris might serve as a guide to help make sense of today’s rapidly shifting geopolitical and economic changes,  and help policy makers safely navigate these tumultuous times.

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PolarisLive: Upcoming Events

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January 16th 9:30 AM EST - David Daokui LI - Demystifying China's World View

David Daokui LI is Professor of Economics and Director of the Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking, Tsinghua University. He is former Chief Economist of the New Development Bank. Professor Li is a leading Chinese economist.

He also served as the founding Dean of the Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University from 2014 to 2017. His research and teaching cover a wide range of economic fields, including government and economics, economic development, comparative economics, and the Chinese economy.

He is the author of "China's World View: Demystifying China to Prevent Global Conflict."

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January 17th 9:30 AM EST - Dewi Fortuna Anwar - ASEAN, Global South & New World Order

Dewi Fortuna Anwar Straddles the world of academia, political activism and government. She is a Research Professor at the Research Centre for Politics-National Research and Innovation Agency (PRP-BRIN).

She has written widely on Indonesia’s foreign policy, Indonesia’s democratization as well as on ASEAN and regional political and security issues. She is an Academician of the Social Science Commission-Indonesian Academy of Sciences; Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Habibie Center, and co-founder of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia. She served as the Deputy Chairman for Social Sciences and Humanities- Indonesian Institute of Sciences and was Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs and then Deputy for Government Policy Support to the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Dewi was the Kippenberger Visiting Chair at Victoria University, Wellington; Distinguished Visiting Professor at the RSIS, Nanyang Technological University Singapore,; Visiting Fellow at CSEAS, Kyoto University; and a Visiting Professor at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University.

Dewi sits and has sat in a number of national and international advisory boards and was a Governing Board member of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

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January 24th 9:30 AM EST - Paul Sheard - U.S. and China in a New World Order

Dr. Paul Sheard, an Australian American economist, is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling business book, The Power of Money: How Governments and Banks Create Money and Help Us All Prosper (Matt Holt Books). He is a former Vice Chairman of S&P Global and a former Senior Fellow and Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.

He held chief economist positions at S&P Global, Nomura Securities, and Lehman Brothers, and was Japan Strategist at Baring Asset Management and was appointed by two prime ministers to serve on advisory committees of the Japanese Government. A member of the Bretton Woods Committee, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Economic Club of New York, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, Sheard sits on the board of the Foreign Policy Association.

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February 1st 9:30 AM EST - Shehzad Qazi - Will China's Economy Fall off a Cliff?

Shehzad Qazi is Chief Operating Officer, @ChinaBeigeBook. As the firm-wide operations lead, Shehzad oversees product innovation, client services, new business acquisition, and corporate strategy at China Beige Book International. Shehzad is a frequent guest on major national news networks including CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN and speaks regularly at investor conferences. His articles have appeared in Barron’s, Foreign Policy, and Huffington Post among other publications. He is an elected member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

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February 20th 9:30 AM EST - Peter Cloutier - Winning Hearts & Minds: China 10 U.S. 0

Peter Cloutier is a foreign service officer serving as a research professor at Joint Special Operations University, Tampa, Florida. His research focuses on illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and natural resource extraction, climate security, and innovative joint, interagency, intergovernmental, multinational, and commercial (JIIM-C) networking. His book "What We Were Making," is an Amazon best-seller.

He has 12 years of strategic technical direction for over $1 billion of foreign assistance in post-conflict ‘hardship’ countries with proven impact in transformational leadership.

He has advised a Head of State, authored transformative USG strategies, worked for a Pacific Island government, and was the first USG representative on the ground after the second-deadliest tropical cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere struck Mozambique in 2019.

His last full post overseas was as USAID's Health Office Director overseeing the partnership with the Government of Mozambique in which he won two Superior Honor Awards for helping lead the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) to unprecedented performance. He supervised one of USAID's largest offices with 63 staff and an annual budget of over $200 million.

He has frequently served as the development partner interface with host country leadership for more state-societal unity in health, justice, natural resource management, and governance in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Angola, and Timor-Leste. He has led partnerships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Defense, NOAA, Treasury, MCC, and State. He has supported and leveraged interorganizational efforts with the United Nations, the World Bank, and regional development banks.

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Sarwar Kashmeri in the News

The Business of America and China is Business

The Foreign Policy Association’s 23rd annual World Leadership Forum featured a panel hosted by Sarwar Kashmeri. Panelists included: Marc Chandler, Chief Market Strategist, Bannockburn Global Forex, and George Magnus, China Centre at Oxford University. Watch the panel in discussion about the topic “The Business of America and China is Business”.

10 Years of the Belt & Road Initiative on CGTN with Sarwar Kashmeri

The CGTN interview with Sarwar Kashmeri on the infrastructure project to connect the world through land and sea, known as the Belt and Road Initiative.


U.S.- China Relations A Foreign Policy Association Broadcast

The event is the Dame Jillian Sackler Distinguished Lecture on U.S.-China Relations.

An in-depth interview with Sarwar Kashmeri

China Strengthens Ties in Mideast and Africa As US Influence Declines

The last three decades of United States involvement in the world has been provocatively militaristic in nature,” Kashmeri says, noting that this approach has alienated many and deterred the spirit of international collaboration.” – Sarwar Kashmeri

China's Grand Strategy Washington D.C. Book Launch with Hon. Chuck Hagel

The Honorable Chuck Hagel, 24th U.S. Secretary of Defense (2013-2015), and Professor Sarwar Kashmeri, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, discuss “China’s Grand Strategy.”

China's Grand Strategy New York Book Launch with Professor Pamela Crossley

The New York book launch of “China’s Grand Strategy” with Professor Pamela Crossley, Wollis professor of history and professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Dartmouth College.  the Foreign Policy Association, moderated by Professor Sarwar Kashmeri, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association.

China’s Grand Strategy and the BRI

U.S. Army War College Podcast • March 3, 2020

There has never been anything like it in recorded history where a country has put…a trillion dollars aside to help in jump starting all of these infrastructure projects around the country..

Deutsche-Welle features Sarwar in their China anniversary news program

Deutsche-Welle interview with Professor Sarwar Kashmeri on Chinese strategy in the 21st century.

Sarwar's Chronicles

In 2002, Sarwar Kashmeri changed tack from founder/CEO of his international accounting systems company to a career in analyzing, writing, and speaking about U.S. foreign policy and national security. Over that time his interests have covered U.S.-EU relations, NATO, and lately U.S.- China relations. This is a collection of some of his opinion columns and book reviews since 2002.

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