Opinion by Sarwar Kashmeri

Is the Era of Engagement With China Over

Two of America’s leading China experts, Jake Sullivan and Kurt Campbell, recently wrote that “The United States is in the midst of the most consequential rethinking of its foreign policy since the end of the Cold War…there is a growing consensus that the era of engagement with China has come to an unceremonious close. The debate now is what comes next. (my emphasis.)

This is the question that I would like to address in my Tuesday 8 September talk for the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire. America and China are the world’s two superpowers. Disengagement between them is dangerous to America’s national security and economy. The time is right for anyone who thinks about U.S. China relations to offer suggestions to answer the important question posed by Sullivan and Campbell—what comes next?

I look forward to this WACNH event, and especially to the discussion and Q&A after my talk.

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