Foreign Policy Association / UCLA Burkle Center conference on United States - China Relations

Groundbreaking Dialogue Could Open New Avenues for U.S.-China Relations
Sarwar A. Kashmeri
Sarwar A. Kashmeri

Groundbreaking Dialogue Could Open New Avenues for U.S.-China Relations

Foreign Policy Association / UCLA Burkle Center conference on United.States- China Relations
April 23rd, 2024 • UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, UCLA, Los Angeles

In a pivotal series of discussions that could reshape the landscape of international relations, North American experts convened to explore significant enhancements in cultural, educational, and governmental exchanges between the two nations. This comprehensive dialogue, aimed at fostering mutual understanding and cooperation, promises a new era in U.S.-China relations.

The meetings focused on diverse initiatives ranging from academic collaborations, cultural exchanges, to strategic and economic partnerships. These discussions underscored the critical role of non-governmental channels and subnational efforts in strengthening bilateral ties, reducing political tensions, and promoting a stable and prosperous global environment.

“Through open and sincere dialogue, we are laying the groundwork for a robust partnership between the U.S. and China that values cultural exchange and mutual respect,” said Sarwar Kashmeri, Chair of the conference and Senior Fellow of the FPA, lead organizer of the event, underwritten by the Annenberg Foundation. “Our aim is not just to enhance bilateral relations but to set a precedent for global cooperation and understanding.”

Key outcomes from the meetings include proposals for enhancing language and educational programs, increasing academic exchanges and professorships, and fostering economic collaboration through joint ventures and science and research collaboration. These initiatives are expected to pave the way for deeper connections that extend beyond diplomacy, touching the lives of citizens in both countries directly.

As the world watches, the continuation of these dialogues promises not only to enrich U.S.-China relations but also to contribute to global stability and harmony. Further updates and details on specific programs and collaborations will be provided as these initiatives progress.

For more information, please contact: Matt Barbari: Or Contact Sarwar Kashmeri Here

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