Opinion by Sarwar Kashmeri

Rethinking the China - U.S. Relationship • Podcast

For the past several decades, foreign policy experts have been sounding the alarm bells about a rising China who would one day pose a threat to the United States of America as a global leader. Those bells seemingly ring louder each and every day. Whether it is a trade war, war of words, or something worse, the relationship between the two countries are at an all time low. This episode explores a new report from the Foreign Policy Association that looks to reimagine the relationship between the world’s two biggest economies. The report’s author, Sarwar Kashmeri, tries to get his audience to think differently about how these two countries interact and engage. It is his assertation, and that of many war game simulations, that the U.S. does not hold a strategic advantage in the military space anymore and this demands a new posture that looks for cooperation on key issues. Read the full report HERE.

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